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USDA-HSI Ag-Biotech Immersion



Ag-Biotech Immersion For Community College Transfer Students To UC Riverside

A three year grant from the USDA Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) Program of NIFA

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  • Objective 1: Participation of CC transfers as rising seniors in a unique hybrid summer internship that combines scientific research and an introduction to agribusiness. Through mastery of bioinformatics, genomics, experimental design and business development they will (a) gain increased awareness of career choices in food and agricultural science, (b) gain awareness of issues surrounding global food security and, (c) gain skills to be leaders in agribusiness or governmental careers.
  • Objective 2: Development of curricula for an authentic research course for second year CC students by working closely with (at least) three biology professors at three local CCs (Riverside City College, San Bernardino Valley College, Chaffey College).


  • Activity 1: Nine week summer research experience and agribusiness workshop
    1. Students will analyze genome variation among citrus varieties
    2. Agribusiness experience: case studies on the development and commercialization of agribusiness biotechnologies and crops
    3. Team Project: Student teams will apply the case studies to propose a business plan to recommend a solution to a food security need
  • Activity 2: Curriculum development for community colleges
    1. Authentic research modules based on research at UCR
    2. Modules will be part of a course offered at the community college







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