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Outreach is a vital part of the Dynamic Genome Program



“When deciding what I wanted for a university, all I knew was that I wanted something involving lab work and science.My high school did not have any micropipettes or PCR equipment available to us yet, but our teacher still wanted us to be able to get lab experience with it. My first taste of that was during a UCR lab workshop my sophomore year of high school. It was a great opportunity and it allowed me to see what UCR had to offer. The university became my top pick immediately after.” 

Savannah UCR ‘21, Hemet High School ‘17

Our UCR undergraduates are passionate about encouraging students to go to college and major in a STEM field. Near-peer mentoring in college choice and college life is a major component of all outreach events.


In the Campbell Lab

  •  Differences in ability to taste: Phenotype to Genotype Students determine if they can taste a bitter compound (phenotype) and determine the specific DNA sequence of a taste receptor gene (genotype). 
  • Sequencing to Success DNA Barcoding Participants determine if the fish sold in local stores, poke and sushi restaurants are labelled correctly. Typically this is a multi-day event.
  • Custom modules Our experienced staff are willing to work with teachers to develop experiences tailored to their instructional needs.

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All material and reagent costs are covered by the Dynamic Genome Program. Meals and transportation are the responsibility of the school or student. 

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Off campus

  • DNA Extractions An exciting, short lesson in DNA. Students extract DNA from strawberries using safe ingredients. Perfect for elementary students, science day demonstrations, and UC trustees!
  • What is a scientist? Our staff are available to discuss with students what a scientist is and what they do.
  • Community events on science education Contact us about your next event.






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