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Blue glove in lab

Raising the bar through authentic research

Boil the water, add the ingredients, stir. The instructions given in undergraduate science labs can feel a bit like making ramen noodles. “Lab courses that accompany many large science undergraduate lectures often adopt a cookbook-type approach, where students follow a series of instructions in a stepwise process without really understanding why they’re doing what they’re...
By Sarah Nightingale | UCR News |

Computers, nematodes, and curiosity

The tiny creatures Alejandro De Santiago Perez studies are not visible to the naked eye. They are nematode worms, organisms that live in marine sediment, critical in providing information for scientists regarding the health of our ecosystems. For De Santiago Perez, a microbiology major at the University of California, Riverside, this means endless hours in...
By Sandra Baltazar Martinez | UCR News |
Campbell Hall

UCR recognizes longtime generosity of Campbell family with building renaming

The University of California, Riverside’s University Laboratory Building is being renamed the “Rochelle and Allison Campbell Hall” in recognition of longtime support from the Campbell family. A ceremony and dedication will be held on Oct. 19. Rochelle Campbell is the widow of the late Neil Campbell, a well-known biologist and UCR alumnus. Allison Campbell is...
By Sarah Nightingale | UCR News |

$1 million gift empowers next generation of scientists

$1 million gift from longtime campus supporter Rochelle Campbell and Distinguished Professor of Genetics and Campbell Presidential Chair holder Susan Wessler will provide financial support for undergraduate students engaged in summer research – an opportunity out of reach to many students due to financial barriers. The newly established Campbell-Wessler Endowed Undergraduate Research Award will provide...
By J. D. Warren | UCR Today |
Students selected to work on citrus genome project 1

UC RIVERSIDE: Students selected to work on citrus genome project

Ten soon-to-be-sophomores at UC Riverside were recently selected by a panel of researchers to participate in an eight-week summer program that has the students characterize the citrus genome. In their experiments, the students are focusing especially on transposable elements – DNA elements that can multiply and change their location within an organism’s genome. Discovered in...
By iqbal Pittalwala | UCR Today |

Community College Students Acquire Hands-on University Research Experience

RIVERSIDE, Calif. — Twenty-eight students from three local colleges spent the bulk of Saturday, Feb. 23, in a laboratory at the University of California, Riverside to gain the kind of university-level research experience they likely will remember for a long time. Selected from Mount San Jacinto College (MSJC), Moreno Valley College (MVC) and Riverside City...
By Iqbal Pittalwala | UCR Today |

Room to Grow—and Learn

Susan Wessler gazes around the brand-new science learning laboratory with a mixture of pride and anticipation. On one side of the blue-and-white checkered hallway, there’s a wet lab with most of the same equipment found in her plant genetics research lab one building away. Just across the hall is a discussion room and computer lab...
By Katherine Gammon | hhmi bulletin |

Revolutionary Science-learning Laboratory Opens at UC Riverside

​ The grand opening of the Neil A. Campbell Science Learning Laboratory took place July 7. L to R: Thomas O. Baldwin, Timothy P. White, Susan R. Wessler, Rochelle Campbell, Rich Cardullo, and Allison Campbell. Photo credit: UCR Strategic Communications. (More photos below.) RIVERSIDE, Calif. – An innovative laboratory for teaching science has opened at...
By Iqbal Pittalwala | UCR Today |
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